Prep, relax, exam

Best Wishes for all those taking the CRE Exam Oct 4th.

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About Fred Schenkelberg

I am an experienced reliability engineering and management consultant with FMS Reliability, a consulting firm I founded in 2004. I left Hewlett Packard (HP)’s Reliability Team, where I helped create a culture of reliability across the organization, to assist other organizations. Given the scope of my work, I am considered an international authority on reliability engineering. My passion is working with teams to improve product reliability, customer satisfaction, and efficiencies in product development; and to reduce product risk and warranty costs. I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the United States Military Academy and a Master of Science in Statistics from Stanford University.

5 thoughts on “Prep, relax, exam

  1. Hi Fred,

    I have a Masters Degree in Aeronautics with Majors in RAMS, is CRE right for me, if so, how would it help me in my professional goals. I graduated in 2011 and have professional experience of 2 years, is this enough to apply for the CRE if at all?


    • Hi Vasanth,

      Only you can tell is the certification is right for you. Employers care more about what you actually do and accomplish and not your certifications. You most likely will not received any work related benefit upon receiving the CRE certification.

      Having a CRE does indicate you understand a broad range of tools and concepts associated with reliability engineering. For some employers or companies having a CRE on your resume helps them to understand you are series about reliability engineering. Other, either do not know what a CRE is or do not really care one way or the other.

      The benefit to you is from your participation in the professional community, continuing to learn and master reliability engineering skills.

      The requirements for the application are at

      and include master’s degree plus three years of work related to reliability in some way. It seems you have about a year before qualifing to sit for the exam. Which is good as you have time to prepare for the exam. You will find many resources on the CREprep site that may be helpful.

      hope that helps,



  2. Hello Fred,
    I think ASQ should also create a way in which test takers can take this exam online. I have missed taking this exam twice since 2012 just because of my work rotation schedule. I am a vibrations analyst and I have studied hard for the exam and ready for it, but the exam period are always not in my favour.
    Do you think this is possible?

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