Reliability Math and Exponential

Reliability Math and the Exponential Distribution

Slide set posted with permission of Chet Haibel.

Recently a question came to me about the difference between hazard rate and failure rate. A lot literature and reference use these two terms interchangeably. I have long thought there is a difference and to check my understanding asked a good friend and reliability engineering consultant Chet Haibel. He provide a slide set (below) that described the various functions we use working reliability statistics and he details out the functions when using the exponential distribution.

Please review the slides and comment or ask questions – both Chet and I will attempt to help clarify any misunderstandings. Although I do think the slides are excellent and will do a great job providing a review of basic reliability math and the exponential distribution.

Chet’s slides


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I am an experienced reliability engineering and management consultant with FMS Reliability, a consulting firm I founded in 2004. I left Hewlett Packard (HP)’s Reliability Team, where I helped create a culture of reliability across the organization, to assist other organizations. Given the scope of my work, I am considered an international authority on reliability engineering. My passion is working with teams to improve product reliability, customer satisfaction, and efficiencies in product development; and to reduce product risk and warranty costs. I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the United States Military Academy and a Master of Science in Statistics from Stanford University.

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